Custom Development — Software Solutions

Our Services

Custom Development

We work with you to create custom software for your needs. We utilise the latest technologies to help your software to be both secure and modern, so that it will last well into the future.

We are a fully Agile shop. We can easily integrate with your team or we can work independently to accomplish the tasks you need done.

Website Development

We can easily and quickly deploy your website for you. We specialize in creating custom websites, or we can use a popular CMS (i.e. Joomla, Drupal, DotNetNuke, WordPress, etc.).

We also have designers on staff that can help to provide you with a modern and clean design for your needs.


We have experienced Cloud Developers, that will provide the necessary knowledge you need to Deploy your project or fulfill your needs. 

Our Cloud Developers have been working with Azure since its inception. And are experienced in setting up most of the cloud functions on Azure, Google, and AWS. 


We offer Hosting solutions for our clients. Including, but not limited to:

  • Website Hosting

  • Email Hosting

  • Filesharing

  • Cloud services (as managers for Azure, Google, or AWS)


We offer software support for all of our solutions, and/or legacy projects your team can no longer support. 

We also provide cloud support services, server support (Linux and Windows), and a wide range of support cases that you may need. 


Our team is experience in migrating clients from Legacy solutions to Custom or Modern solutions. Whether they be cloud based or localised. 


We are very experienced with integrating software solutions with your custom software. For example, integrating custom solutions with accounting software. 

We are experts in improving your existing software solutions, and integrating them with modern API systems. 

Legacy Software Support

We have helped countless companies move from a Legacy software to a modernised software. But many companies do not have the time or the budget to do so. So, we offer to review and support your Legacy Solutions. 

We even offer to find ways to improve these solutions. This is dependent on the codebase being available. 

We also are experienced in helping companies to move from MS Access based solutions to modernised native applications.

Whatever your need is, we are the Solution!